Frequently Asked Questions

What is Big Rig Media?

Big Rig media is a media agency that specialises in truck side advertising.

What trucks do Big Rig Media use?

Big Rig Media uses a large number of B Double trucks to potentially display your message and product. B Double trucks are one of the largest registered vehicles on our roads and certainly the largest moving billboard available.

What advertiser is best suited to Big Rig Media?

Given the massive size (120sqm of advertising space) the visual impact would be beneficial for any advertiser. However, a national product or service and a minimum 6 month campaign is ideal.

What area do the tucks cover?

The trucks travel on all major highways and main roads between Adelaide and Brisbane. The trucks cover all the major metropolitan and regional areas as required.

What products do the trucks carry?

The trucks carry predominantly glass bottles and beverages.The advantage of these trucks carrying a neutral product is that there is little or no conflict for advertisers

How do I know that people will see my ad?

The vehicle supplied for your advertising will suit the requirements of your marketing. Over time the metropolitan coverage will expand or change as new delivery or pickup destinations are added to the vehicles route.The potential audience or population within this scope is approximately 15 million

When do the the vehicles travel?

Our B Doubles travel mainly during daylight hours six days per week (on average). 
All deliveries and pickups are during daylight hours.

How do I supply creative?

Your creative should be supplied in a format similar to any high quality printing. EPS/Dolby illustrator or similar. 300dpi @ 5%

How long will it take for my ad to be on the road?

From the time you sign off to being on the road usually takes approximately three weeks.