Mobile Billboard Advertising Benefits

Visibility and Impact

  • 120 sqm of advertising space that can not be switched off, turned over or tuned out.
  • Mobile – a moving billboard catches the eye of its audience
  • 98% Vehicle Advertising creates a positive image of the advertiser
  • 97% Remember seeing a specific vehicle advertisement
  • 96% Notice words and pictures displayed on vehicles. (Source: Product Acceptance and Research Incorporated)


Targets both metro and regional areas of Australia. Big Rig Media is not designed to offer short term "high energy" bursts, instead provides long term, cost effective, impact full exposure, nationally.

Cost Efficient

Compare Mobile Billboard Advertising cost to other advertising mediums and you’ll see that mobile billboards cost the lowest CMP (cost per thousand impressions).


The printed signage can be stored and reused for future campaigns


Truck advertising has been with us for decades. It has been used to great effect by many companies, not the least of which are trucking companies themselves. Today a growing number of companies have their names and products displayed on the sides of large moving vehicles. Big Rig Media offers the largest of these to you in a cost effective and controllable format."

Get Started

Big Rig Media’s Mobile Billboards provide a unique and effective outdoor advertising medium for businesses. Contact us for a quote.